Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Lost in Space Drawing

Inspired by a Lost in Space episode from the first season.... one of the first 5 episodes. Dr. Zachary Smith, Penny Robinson, and Dr. Maureen Robinson are discussing the meteor shower that has just taken place. All the men folk have gone somewhere in the chariot, except for Dr. Smith.

PS: I just saw that I only posted to this blog 24 times last year.... by contrast I posted to Millie's House 84 times.... and 1000 Days Lost in Space 65 times! Am I spreading myself too thin? Part of it might be that I dilly dally around.... especially with Millie's House. I worry about what people are going to think about what I write about over there. Each one of my blogs is a different aspect of myself. I try to keep Millie's House purely catly stuff... but I keep sneaking in.

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