Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grateful for What I Have

Here is my brother David and my mom. My mom will be 90 years old in June of this year! This picture was taken in Angwin on Los Posadas Road, near where Los Posadas State Forest and Pacific Union College property touch. The first picture is my acrylic picture which I did way back in December. I wanted to take a picture of it outdoors with my non digital camera, but it has always been too cold or raining.

I am grateful for so many things. Though I do not have a husband or a house, I do have other things I am grateful for. I still have my mom, my daughter, and my two brothers, plus their families. Also, I have Monty our dog, and three fun and sometimes feisty cats. I also have good eyesight, and fair health. It is now almost a year since I had my kidney removed for kidney cancer. That surgery was on March 29, 2007. I am grateful that surgery was successful. One of my doctors, Dr. Yap, told me that one of those blood tests he had me take showed I was cancer free. Though, I have a touch of arthritis.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Would Rather be on an Island

Here is another Lost in Space picture which I did a few weeks ago. In the t.v. show they never did swim. But I like to think that Preplanus had some sort of swimming hole. And that they would have gone swimming in it. Dr. Smith talked about hot lava pools in "Two Weeks in Space," so they had to have had some sort of recreation. So here are Judy and Penny relaxing. That's my idea of having fun somewhere on another alien world. The robot is keeping watch.
I did the second watercolor the other night. I would like to be in such a place right now. I miss the old days when my life was quieter. That was when I lived in Angwin. There I had time to reflect. Today there is not that much time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tightening the Screws at Redwood Middle School

Oh the joys of work!! I am an aide at Redwood Middle School in Napa. It is a hard and demanding place to be. We are constantly busy. But they want to spread us thin. That way our classroom will be short staffed. An aide from another class retired last year. And they did not hire another aide to replace her. They want an aide from our class to cover for her part time. The kids in our class are severely handicapped and disabled. Plus some of them have major emotional problems. No wonder I am crazy....... sort of... kind of.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Drawings I Did From The Great Vegetable Rebellion

The second picture is of Major Don West from Lost in Space. The first picture is a composite picture of both the robot and Maureen Robinson. Maureen has just come away from watching Penny who is fast asleep. But it is not a normal sleep but one induced by the bad veggie who has captured and imprisoned the group. The robot is actually not in this scene.