Saturday, May 23, 2009

PhotoHunt: Plastic

Our dog carries his dog bowls out into the living room all the time. Here he seems to be saying "Fill my plastic dog dish please!!" By the way he is almost blind in his left eye!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

International Bloggers Award

Our cat Cheyenne, sitting on the edge of the chair.
I have been given the International Blogger's Award by my friends at The Fine Felines. Thank you so much, Pinky, Ash and Boo!

Here are the rules attached to this award:

Link the person who tagged you.

Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.

Post this in one or all of your blogs.

Answer the four questions following these Rules.

Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.

Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR .... (they there say: PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:

The person who tagged you: The Fine Felines: Pinky, Ash and Boo

His/her site’s title and url:

Date when you were tagged: May 14, 2009

Persons you tagged (see below)

I’m passing this award on to: My Cat Cheyenne .... who will then tag the 7 friends... we know many more cats who blog than humans!!

Cheyenne Millie

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photohunt: Painted Pony

This I call The One that Got Away. I drew this picture the other day. I finally got around to painting it today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photohunt: In Memory - Me and my Brother and my Father

Me and my brother had been playing in the mud.
My father in 1998, during better times! He passed away in 2001.


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Walking in the rain in Angwin.