Monday, May 5, 2008

But He is Still There

I can't believe that I wrote that about Major West. I could never really truly cut him out of any picture I draw of him. No matter how badly I may draw him. I just keep on drawing him. There is nothing I enjoy more than drawing or watercolor. It used to be rain pictures for the longest time. Then it was lots of lighthouse pictures. Then it was horse pictures. Now a lot of my art is centered around Lost in Space. Though I still do some of the other. Now that part of my life is better than my job. What a trip!!!! Carla ran away from school today. I and one of the campus supervisors had to go retrieve her from her mom's place of employment. Then Eric is about ready to blow most the day. He is just on the edge, or the verge of losing it. Then to top things off, Alijae came back, after three months absence, for surgery and recovery. But then, though she is a lot of work, being in a wheelchair and all, she is really the sweetest, most joyful part of our classroom.

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