Sunday, February 10, 2008

Golden Moments

We drive to Angwin, usually about twice a week. There we take walks around the trails of Pacific Union College Property. I think of those moments we spend on our walks as Golden Moments. Pacific Union College boarders on Los Posadas State Forest. Much of the area is truly a bueatiful place. But I worry that it won't stay so bueatiful. I they have their way they will put in an "Eco-Villiage" with 380 new homes up in Angwin. It will spoil the quiet and gentleness of the community. I lived in Angwin for close to 17 years. So I am not a stranger to the community. I lived in both the dorm - Winning Hall on the campus of Pacific Union College, and out in two different apartments, off campus. Angwin is really a unique place. On Valentines Day it will be 7 years since we moved from Angwin down to Napa to my mom's. I dream often of the Tobin Avenue apartment we used to live in.

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