Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow! Summer Vacation is Almost Over!

Dr. Smith in Ghost in Space.

My Mom in Yosemite.

I got five weeks off from school. Now, this Monday school starts again. I am not ready for it. Oh well, that is the way of life!

We went camping last week. That was fun. Our van broke down. But we got some assistance from a very nice Park Ranger. He helped us to get our gear together so we would be safely near where our van would be worked on. Next year, we are taking 2 vehicals. It was no fun being stuck up on a remote road with a broken down van. It took two days to get it fixed.

Still watching my favorite T.V. programs on DVD....... Lost in Space, Star Trek tos, Star Trek tng, Columbo, Wild Wild West, and Murder She Wrote. But I love that Lost in Space, and Star Trek tos the best.

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